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To outreach and increase Jewish engagement to the 90% of unaffiliated Jewish households, here in South Florida, the 2nd largest Jewish community in the United States.

We Have some exciting news for you!

The All Peoples Synagogue of South Florida is now in the process of constructing the most magnificent Synagogue within the former Sunrise Musical Theater.

The Synagogue

The Synagogue setting is located on a high mount overlooking a beautiful garden and lake. The Holy Temple will have seating for 500 congregants for Friday and Saturday Shabbat Services, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings and Special Functions. In addition, the Main Sanctuary has seating for 4000 congregants and is ideally suited for High Holy Days Services, which attracts thousands. Together, the Synagogue complex includes banquet facilities with kosher kitchen for catering, elegant social hall, classrooms, library, Judaic shop and administrative offices.

My late father, Rabbi Dr. Emmet Allen Frank stated, “a person wants to ‘belong’, to have a connection, to their Jewish heritage”. I now put forth to you, an important, spiritual and religious challenge. Be guided by your heritage and choose to ‘belong’ to the All Peoples Synagogue of South Florida.

Moses asked, and the people responded with overwhelming generosity, enthusiasm and love. Rabbi Frank now asks you to respond with your overwhelming generosity, enthusiasm and love. Our peoples tradition of generosity toward the construction of a “House of Worship” has been an ancient tradition. I pray this tradition of generosity will continue through you. God spoke to Moses, saying, “tell the Israelite people to make a contribution, from every person whose heart moves them… and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them forever”.

…and the Houses of Worship in the Wilderness, Jerusalem and South Florida were constructed. It was a demonstration by the people to their loyalty and faith in God. And so it is! Amen!

rabbi-frankFaithfully yours, B’Shalom, “In Peace”
Rabbi Frank

Rabbi Adler, Rabbi Ben-Or, Rabbi Bogage, Rabbi Gelberman, Rabbi Greenberg, Rabbi Silver, Rabbi Sundra Simhon, Rabbi Robert Silverman

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