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All Peoples Synagogue of South Florida Creating a Geographic Center, for Our Jewish Community “Outreaching to Serve Humanity Throughout the World”.

The All Peoples Synagogue, known in Hebrew as Temple “Kol Ha Amim,” is a Synagogue “dedicated to serving all branches of Judaism and Interfaith Families” and welcoming all.

As a symbol of God’s open “Chuppah,” the canopy of love, the All Peoples Synagogue reaches out to all the unaffiliated Jewish and Interfaith families in Palm Beach, Broward Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, and serves humanity throughout the world.

Everyone is always welcome at the All Peoples Synagogue!

South Florida Jews Celebrate High Holy Days


Dear Friends,

The All Peoples Synagogue, founded in 1972 through the vision of my late father, Rabbi Dr. Emmet Allen Frank, is a temple dedicated to serving anyone who is searching for a Jewish spiritual awakening. The unique religious progressivism of this Synagogue serves all Jewish people: Liberal, Reform, Humanistic, Reconstructionist, Conservative, Progressive, Orthodox and the larger communities of other religious backgrounds who desire to learn more about the history and faith of the Jewish People.

“We will open our arms, our hearts and the doors of the Synagogue to welcome everyone to celebrate in the spirit of Judaism.”

From Weddings to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Baby-namings, Conversions and Funerals, I’m an “outreach” Rabbi who officiates many services throughout the year. Many of you have called upon me and the Synagogue staff to serve you in our Jewish tradition and whether we laughed, shared “Simchas” or embraced to comfort the bereaved, it has been an honor to serve you!

I pray this finds you in the best of spirits, enjoying life and living it to it’s fullest! I look forward to serving you for many more blessed years to come!

rabbi-frankFaithfully yours, B’Shalom, “In Peace”
Rabbi Frank

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